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Do not let a criminal record hold you back.  Many charges may be expunged or sealed.  Contact Attorney Nicholas Klingensmith at 513-258-2377 for a free consultation.




Before Nicholas became a criminal defense attorney he was a prosecutor at the City of Cincinnati. Prior to being a prosecutor, Nicholas served as a constable and a law clerk. Nicholas is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and Salmon P. Chase College of Law. Nick resides in the Cincinnati area and represents clients throughout Ohio including, Hamilton County, Clermont County, Butler County, Warren County, and Montgomery County






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Ohio expungement laws have changed in the last year.  Now a person with 2 convictions may be eligible to have their record sealed.

free consultations.  payment plans available.  credit cards accepted.


Nicholas Klingensmith | Cincinnati Criminal Defense Attorney | Licensed in Ohio


Expungement  Eligibility


During your free consultation Nicholas will help determine if you are eligible to have your record sealed.  This consultation is free and you will know if you are eligible before you pay.

Expunge  Non-Convictions


Even if you are found not-guilty or a charge was dismissed, it may still appear on a background check.  These non-convictions are usually eligible for expungement.  The process for expunging non-convictions in many counties is relatively simple and an attorney may not be necessary.